I have worked on many papers and have compiled my best work by organization below.

I went to D.C. to cover the 2017 Inauguration and the Strutters performance in the parade with my managing editor. We also covered the Women's March on Washington.

I developed the interactive project A River Runs Through Us.

The government attempted to seize money from two students.

After SAE's racist chant story spread nationally, I created a timeline of racial issue events on campus.

Jack White caused a stir at OU and targeted comments at the paper. I wrote a column settting the record straight and a wrap up of events.

I wrote an article on how our smoke free campus was smoke filled on game days.

And an article about the secret lives of our mascots, Boomer and Sooner.

I wrote about a girl at our school who went on to win an Olympic bronze medal.

There was a toddler in the community with cancer that everyone was trying to raise money for.

I wrote about a student who got into a car accident and his recovery.

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